November Review Summary: The Story Behind Each Photo

Last month I told you the story behind each one of my beauty photos and I will do the same for the November collection because each product is special and deserves a little picture highlight! My blog really lacked beauty reviews in November, so I’ve added some product photos from my giveaway. So if you’re interested in the looks of those, then you still have a chance to enter
If you’re interested in the October stories, then you can read about them here:
November Review Summary: The Story Behind Each Photo feat. Beauty, Bourjois, Elemis, Essie, Favourites, Melvita, Ole Henriksen, Oriflame, Reviews, S5, W7,
I’m personally not overwhelmed by this month’s beauty product choices and their respective photography, but still… 
1. Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Cream: I don’t know about you, but I’m gobsmacked by the tree in the background. It looks beautiful! Ole Henriksen is a natural brand, so I thought a natural background with vivid colours would suit it well.
2. Essie Sleek Stick So Haute! Essie is a well-established brand in the UK and the sleek stick style and colour reminded me a lot of the sophisticated fast moving London girl life! Therefore, I thought it would nice to take this photo by the traffic light and feature some cool buildings and red buses in the background.
3. Elemis FreshSkin Skin Glowing Exfoliating Wash: Elemis is not a fully green brand, but they are still a ingredient conscious company. Thus I thought a mix between natural and human-made background would look great. Nonetheless, I thought the white/blue background really emphasised the vivid colour of the pink packaging.
4. S5 Skincare Illuminating Serum: This is actually my favourite out of my favourites. It’s got a very simple background, yet it speaks so much for itself. I’m really happy with the colour combination and lighting! S5 Skincare uses ingredients from 5 different climates, and I immediately thought of “marine domination” for the Illuminating Serum because of the blue packaging. Massive hook half sticking out at the back. 🙂
5. Bourjois Happy Light Foundation: This is such an amazing products, so I wanted to give it a “big background”. The photo above really doesn’t show it, but it was taken at the top of Claremont Garden where you can see the entire park from above. 
6. Oriflame Giordani Gold Eye Pearls – Crystal SapphireAgain, I wanted something nice and sophisticated, so I chose London as the background. I’m not too happy with how blurry the background looks because there’s a line of flags (which you can’t really see) behind the eye shadow. It basically serves to show that Oriflame is an international brand. 🙂
7. W7 Lipstick Naked & L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Rebel RedTall building, black taxis, city centre and bold lipsticks. All you need now is a pair of heels and a black dress to rock the city girl look. 😉
8. Melvita Rose and Orange Blossom Floral Water: I was quite surprised by how many people “loved” this set of photography. This photo was taken months ago before I started using creative photography, so there’s really not much to talk about here.
9. Oriflame Swedish Spa Beauty Wonder Oil: Because Oriflame is an all natural brand, I wanted to use something that will bring out this aspect. The idea is very similar to number 1, with lots of focus on nature. Wonder Oil, Wonder Background. 
How important is blog photos to you and do you have a story behind every photo?