My First ELF Haul

Hands up if you haven’t tried ELF Cosmetics! I’ve given in, their 50% off and free delivery Valentine’s offer was too hard to resist…. hence, a week later I sit here playing around with a huge box of ELF goodies!
As this was my first ever ELF order, I thought I’d try a bit of everything for my eyes-lips-face and see what I like the best. Besides, I had difficulties choosing what I wanted because it was literally like “limitless” shopping! I mean, when everything costs less than £5, you would go crazy too with the vast amount of choices! So after using and swatching these products for two days, I’ve made a general conclusion on what I think of ELF Cosmetics, based on initial opinions of course! This is after all a haul post, so I will not write too much about each product. Hopefully I will get around to writing some proper reviews of some of the products in the future!
List of things I bought:
I’ve been completely ELF-ified! So after trying out these products, my first impression is that ELF lip products are fantastic, their face products are good, but their eyeshadows are a little disappointing. I wish the eye products I bought were a little more pigmented, especially the palette (you’ll need a primer and lots of patience for this one)! I did like the lipsticks I bought because I thought the colours showed up very well and they’re long lasting. As for face, I loved the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder because the colours look quite nice on me. However, I’ll get back to you on the concealer and foundation, I’m not sure if I like them yet. 🙂
If you’ve done an ELF haul post, feel free to leave your link in the comment! I’ll make sure to check it out!