Alanna Rose Designs – Gorgeous Designer Beachwear

Alanna Rose Designs - Gorgeous Designer Beachwear, Blue Peacock Tunic
Alanna Rose Designs - Gorgeous Designer Beachwear, Bikini
A few weeks ago, I attended an event called Secret Gardens. There I came across many gorgeous swimwear brands, among others Artemis South, Poshtotti and Makan. The one that stood out was Alanna Rose Designs, designed and hand made by the beautiful Alanna herself. Bikinis that are embellished with Swarovski crystal elements and silk kaftans with unique and exotic prints are hard to resist eye candies. Besides, Alanna Rose opened the Secret Gardens fashion show in an extravagant style with the white swan themed piece, you HAVE to see the pictures to understand.
I’ve been lusting over one of her bikinis since the day I saw them! Stunning designer swimwear with supa powa bling bling is a girl’s dream! So a few weeks later, I sit here with a big grin because a dream had come true! 

The Blue Peacock Tunic* is something I picked myself. No wonder it’s one of the best selling products from the collection because of its intricate pattern; peacock and snake skin, in a flattering deep green/blue colour. The silk is extraordinarily fine and comfortable to wear!
The bikini* is something Alanna picked for me from her newest collection. I think it looks beautiful and the colours go really well together. The crystal elements hardly show up on camera, but they do sparkle brightly when worn. I’ll show you a picture of me wearing it once I get my abs toned. 🙂
Alanna Rose Designs - Gorgeous Designer Beachwear, Blue Peacock Tunic

Other than a six-pack (which I’m determined to get at some point in life), all I need now is a seaside holiday! Definitely take a look at Alanna Rose Design’s collection though, it’s definitely a “must-have” for those who wants to stand out AND SHINE on the beach! 

*Gift item