Healthy Smile Photo Workshop with Paul Hames

I was kindly invited to a bloggers photo workshop, which took place on Saturday the 21th. Luckily enough the weather was on our side, so the sunshine definitely brought along many healthy smiles! The event was organised by Simply Health in association with Joe Blogs (a relatively new bloggers network), and the official hashtag was: #SHHealthySmile
When I arrived, I was kindly greeted by Shaun from Joe Blogs and the lovely people from Simply Health. It was then followed by lots of mingling before an in-dept interactive session on how to use the manual setting on our DSLR cameras with Paul Hames. Before attending this workshop I thought my Canon 1100D and I were best friends, but it turned out that we were only acquaintances! The workshop was four hours long, but what we learnt were only the basics of manual setting and it’ll probably take me forever to write up all the basic things I learnt about shooting a great photo! 
We started by taking indoor photos of everything we can find in the room: mugs, pens, nail polishes, people etc. I can’t possibly include all the photos I took, but I can at least include the top 10! 🙂
Photo 1: I really like the colour burst in the background, they’re meant to be flag buntings, but it looks like an explosion of colour when they’re blurred out! One nation, ja?
Photo 2: Paul Hames “accidentally” took this photo of Emma from Bloomzy whilst showing me how to use the jog wheel to set the exposure. 
Photo 3: A photo workshop is not complete without a “field trip!” Hence, we took a trip to the Kerb food market to put the photo skills we learnt in action! By the way, the food there looked so yummy!
Photo 4: Before hitting the food market, we also went up a viewing platform to take photos of the view, although most of it was blocked by construction works, road lamps and massive trucks. Nonetheless, I thought this construction site above and behind the market was quite interesting!
 Photo 5: Spot the bloggers!
 Photo 6: Spot the cameras!
Photo 7: Yes, this picture is a little overexposed! I took a quick snapshot on manual and didn’t have time to adjust the settings, but it turned out rather interesting…
Photo 8: This whole event was about capturing a smile, hence here we have the gorgeous Annie from Epiphannie with her contagious smile!
 Photo 9: This is the most popular stand at the food market! Those cupcakes look so yummy!

Photo 10: I ended up grabbing a Vietnamese noodle pot for lunch! I know it’s all covered up by peanuts and crispy onions, but underneath that is some delicious vermicelli noodles with bean sprouts, pickled carrots, lettuce, mint, basil, coriander and lemongrass beef!
The workshop ended with a Q&A session and some greats tips on how to capture the perfect smile! Don’t worry if you’ve missed it. Simply Health has summarised the most important points on there website!