Outfit: In the Forest Burning Bright!

I can’t believe it! I managed to survive too many years at one of the toughest universities in the UK studying a ridiculous subject. Uni-life didn’t turn out as smooth as I first expected, but I came out stronger than I was four years ago. I must say that uni has turned me into a slightly boring and grumpy person, who never has enough energy. On the bright side, that was only a temporary thing because now that exams and other assignments are over, I feel like a big fireball filled with energy! The world is filled with opportunities and nothing’s gonna stand in my way! Watch out, forest! 😛

Yes, I’m a bit crazy and you probably don’t know what I’m on about, but it goes with the outfit. 😉 I had loads of fun experimenting with the colours of this outfit and the background. I also played around with a bit of photo editing to enhance the contrast between the “fiery” top and the “freshness” of the trees. It’s also interesting to see how one click can really change the “story of the photo.”

In today’s post, I’m featuring a top I’ve had for many years and it’s still one of my favourites because it’s super comfy. I wore a basic skirt underneath because my leggings are kinda see-through… oops! 

Top: Etam 
Leggings: Cotton Republic
Shoes: New Look

Also, I’ve been clothes shopping!!!! Yes finally! So watch out for new outfits posts on items you can actually buy… 😛