Christmas in July – Tesco Press Show 2014

Yesterday was rather epic because for the first time in six months it felt kinda Christmassy! Say what??? Yes, I said Christmas. I went to a Tesco Christmas in July press show yesterday, which felt bizarre and fascinating at the same time. I actually forgot that I was invited to this until half way through the day. However, I’m glad that my memory hasn’t failed completely because this event was awesome. 
I must say that it was rather weird stepping into winter wonderland wearing summery clothes and feeling rather hot from travelling. Nonetheless, I was soon cooled down by a glass of bitter-sweet lemonade. 
A bit of everything was showcased at the event ranging from beauty products, tableware, small gifts, Christmas cards and garden decorations. I must say that my favourite was the food section with a huge selection of items and a tasting table. I took tons of photos and here are the best ones. I don’t think I’ll start making Christmas plans until later this year, but for when that time comes, I definitely know where to look for ideas and inspirations. 🙂
Aren’t these table arrangements stunning?
There was also a beauty section there! The Baylis & Harding display was my favourite!
Look at these adorable things!!! 
The garden/flower display was also stunning!
Do I need to say more? The food section looked more than yummy! I couldn’t resist the opportunity to indulge myself in some Christmas platters and confectionaries at the tasting table!
I also made my first ever flower arrangement, isn’t it gorgeous? 

I met Olaf!!! My idol. 😉 

I know it’s way to early for Christmas and that any sane person won’t start planning until the summer is over. However, it seems like loads of companies have already started their Christmas preview season. Anyways, I hope you liked these pictures, they’re some of my favourites from the show. Which of these pictures is your favourite? P.S. Remember to bookmark this page and come back in November! haha, just kidding.
Also, I’m going to China for two weeks today and I don’t have any posts schedule. I don’t know if I’ll have internet there, so I can’t tell when the next post will be. I would be grateful if you helped sharing my blog on twitter etc. (as I might not even get access there) and I’ll return the favour when I get back. 🙂