Beauty Bloggers Meet Up at Hyde Park

~Sunday 31.08.2014~

Last Saturday I went to a bloggers event organised by Rachel from Candy Floss Beauty. The event started in Hyde Park where we chatted about beauty, blogging and everything about life. I got to catch up with Nadja (Throw Me Something Beautiful) and Angelica (Love from Angelic), and I got to know Summer (Beauty on a Budget), Eilish (Eyelash in Wonderland) and Rachel (Candy Floss Beauty). I also talked briefly to Vicky (Being Tilly’s Mummy), Aggie (Absolutely Aggie), Natasha (Natasha Kundi) and Tara (Headline Beauty).

Since there were less than 15 of us, we decided to go an adventure…. to Westfields! Yay! Whilst at Westfields, we had lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I had a classic grilled chicken burger, not too exciting, but in case you’re wondering… haha! After that, we bombarded loads of beauty shops and stands, as beauty bloggers do, such as Lush, Essence, Inglot and Boots
I really enjoyed the event! It’s not a massive event, but I definitely had loads of fun chatting to people I know and meeting some fellow bloggers. Sorry about the lack of pictures! I only had my phone with me, so the quality isn’t great! 

We also got a really awesome goody bag! I’ll be spilling out the contents to you one by one in the next month or so. The brands that were involved were:


P.S. Rachel is organising another event this November, find out more about it here: #bbloggers Winter Meet-up