Bloggers Festival (#bloggersfestival)

Last week was a rather busy week! On Tuesday and Wednesday 2nd and 3rd September, I attended Bloggers Love Fashion Week and on Saturday, 6th September I went to the Bloggers Festival organised by Scarlett. I love going to these blogger organised events because you get to meet so many bloggers, catch up with a few familiar faces and have loads of fun. I went to two of Scarlett’s events before, which you can read about here and here, so I already had big expectations for Bloggers Festival! I knew it was going to be amazing! 

Before the actual event, I met up with Nadja, Angelica, Summer and Eilish at Starbucks for food & drinks and a little chat! We then headed off to Paramount, Centre Point by Tottenham Court Road Station, which was where the event took place. It was an easy place to find because it’s the tallest building around Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. Besides, the event was held on the 31st floor of the building, which gave us a massive hint on what sort of building we were looking for. On that note, it was not easy to get lost.
When we arrived, we were kindly greeted by Scarlett who gave us a little intro to the event. We were actually the first group of girls to be let into the venue so we got a nice sneak peek of the set up, but the place filled up rather quickly with a constant stream of bloggers arriving. Not to mention, the view on the 31st floor was stunning! Too bad it was cloudy most of the time. 🙁

The first stand we visited was Search Laboratory, who has also helped to sponsor this event. Search Laboratory specialises in Search Engine Marketing, so if you’re confused about SEO, then you should take a look at their website and get some tips & tricks. 

There were loads of brands involved as well and these were big well-know brands. The beauty brands were Oriflame, Cloud 9, Lee Stafford, Bee Good and IZ Beauty. Oriflame showcased their newest collection and we each got to take home a tricolour lipstick, which I’m excited to try. Similar, Lee Stafford was also showcasing their latest products from the uBuntTu oils range! Don’t we all love Lee Stafford, simply due to the colour! Cloud 9 was there to demonstrate their curlers and straighteners whilst Bee Good showcased their fantastic product range (and their cute cookies, just saying). Last but not least, IZ Beauty with all their pretty nail stickers were giving us demonstrations on how to use them. 

Oriflame The One Collection

Oriflame The One Collection
 Bee Good Skincare Range

 Bee Good – their cute cookies
 IZ Beauty nail wraps
IZ Beauty nail wrap
The fashion brands involved were Very, Urban OutfittersQuiz Clothing, Want Her Dress, Ecco and Minimal. Very and Quiz Clothing were both showcasing some of the most beautiful dresses for A/W. Want Her Dress gave us some tips on dressing according to our figures, whilst showcasing a huge range of clothes, shoes and bags. Urban Outfitters wowed the room with retro style and Polaroid cameras (which everyone was obsessed about). The most exciting brands were definitely Ecco and Minimal, partially because they’re Scandinavian and mainly because everything they do are super comfy, but with style. I already featured Ecco shoes on my blog before, in this post: The Season Changer.

Besides beauty and fashion, Sweet Pizzas was also there serving, you guessed it, “sweet pizzas” with all sorts of toppings like cookies, brownies, chocolates and fruits. I missed out on most of it and didn’t get to see how the pizzas actually looked like, but I had a mini bite and I can tell you that it is one of the best pizzas I’ve tried. Besides, I love innovative concepts and I think Sweet Pizzas nailed it!

Very A/W dresses

Very A/W dresses
Quiz Clothing dresses

 Ecco Shoes A/W range

Minimum A/W range
Want Her Dress wedges

Urban Outfitters accessories 

Urban Oufitters A/W range
There were also twitter contests going on at the different stands, where you can win a gift card or a product. Unfortunately I didn’t win that £200 gift card (which I would spend on MAC) from Search Laboratory, but I won a runner up prize from Lee Stafford and got what’s left from the stand. Yes, a load of pink brushes! Not a first prize, but still pretty cool! 🙂
Me, Zoe and Albertine

My polaroid from Urban Outfitters

Look at all the goodies
My new Lee Stafford hair brush collection 
I had an amazing time at the Bloggers Festival and I got to meet so many lovely bloggers! Were you at the event? If you were, then please leave me your link below and I’ll check out your blog and make sure to follow. 
P.S. I’ll be writing about my outfit in a different post as this one is already long enough! 😛