Bloggers Love Fashion Week (#BLFW)

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might have noticed that all my recent tweets are on Bloggers Love Fashion Week (#BLFW). The official event took place at Penthouse and lasted two evenings, Tuesday and Wednesday, 2nd and 3rd September. If you haven’t heard of Bloggers Love before, then I suggest that you check them out. They organise exciting blogger’s events regularly and you get to meet bloggers, fashion designers, well-known brands and celebrities at these events. How cool is that? I’ve been to quite a few Bloggers Love events and if you want to read a post I wrote earlier this year, then you can find it here: Bloggers Love Secret Gardens

As for the Fashion Week event, I’d say that I had a blast! As I didn’t take too many photos on the first day, I’ll just combine my Bloggers Love Fashion Week adventures over the two days into one massive post with lots of pictures! The best things about bloggers events are meeting loads of bloggers, discovering some exciting brands, eating pretty cupcakes and tweeting away whilst trying to remain social! 
Anyways, here are the reasons why Bloggers Love Fashion Week was fantastic:
Clothes Racks

Above: Verity Anne – Verity designs and makes every piece of item in her collection. What caught my eyes were the cute cor-ords. I also loved their set-up at the event because it looked so clean and simple.

Above: Rocco Fashion – If you’re looking for a unique dress to wear to your next big party, then Rocco Fashion is the brand to watch out for. Aren’t those gowns dreamy?

 Above: Rocco Fashion

Above: Didi’s BoutiqueDidi’s Boutique is a clothing shop based in Manchester. Not only does Didi’s Boutique sell fun clothing items, but you can also book them for parties like a birthday party, hen do, girls night in and so on. Getting pampered whilst watching a catwalk at your own house with friends sounds like a fun night doesn’t it?

Above: Major London – What intrigued me most about Major London is their daring street style with lots of colours and patterns. The patterns are all hand-printed and they look absolutely fabulous!

Above: Syreeta Badu – Syreeta is a fashion designer for curvy women and her collection is so unique! Some of these items are just mesmerising to look at! She’s definitely a lovely lady who thinks outside the box!

Above: Betty’s Bikini Boutique – I’m in awe with these gorgeous costumised bikinis from Betty’s Bikini Boutique. I’m a little obsessed with decorated bikinis and all my bikinis are colourful and decorated with “bling blings”, so these are right up my street.

Gorgeous Accessories

Above: Nina RaiNina Rai specialises in beautiful headpieces made from Swarovsky crystal! I really can’t stop starring at these! A crystal head jewellery would make any girl in the world feel like a royalty!
Above: Sound Chick Accessories – you guessed it, Sound Chick stocks cute accesories made from feather! There are loads of patterns to choose from and the accessories range from hats to rings to bow ties. They’re definitely worth checking out if you’re a magpie! 
Above: FYT & CO – FYT & Co specialises in bags that come in all sizes and geometrical patterns. I think their bags look very sophisticated. Whether you’re looking for the perfect school bag or a tote for a day out, they’ll something for you. Not to mention, other than bags, FYT & CO also makes incredibly soft hats and gloves from bamboo yarn.
Above: Capture Love (TinkiLove) – I didn’t get to talk to them, but I’m amazed by these caps! Look how fun they look. Capture Love makes customised caps with personality, character and style. I think I’m a #PassionCap, what about you?

Above: Fiorelli – Surprise me by saying that you have never heard of Fiorelli. These are some of their bags from the A/W collection. Fiorelli had a twitter competition at the event and I won the little red bag on the right and I LOVE it! 
Above: wearing braided headband from Beauty Works – I don’t know much about hair extension, so it’s out of my dept when it comes to this area of beauty. However, all I can say is that I’m super impressed with Beauty Works because their hair pieces feel so real! Besides, it’s a brand loved by Cheryl Cole and she has flawless hair, so I can definitely take some tips from Cheryl. 😛
Beauty Stands
Above: Oxygenetix Oxygenetix specialises in breathable makeup that heals your skin whilst providing a natural coverage. You can even sleep in them and your skin will still look amazing in the morning! Wow! I only used this twice, so far so good, it’s basically all I can ask for in a foundation!
Above: Exuviance – The aim of Exuviance is to develop dermatologist quality skincare products, which you can use at home. Their product contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants from natural botanical extracts. I received a night cream from them, which I’ll be trying out soon. 

Too-Good-To-Eat Cupcakes

Vlogging Booth the “Extra Milers”!

Penthouse View

Happy Bloggers

Above: Bhavna and Nadja, the girls I went to the event with.

The Fashion Show

Above: I missed out like 70% of the fashion show, but the designs shown above are from TinkiLove

… and here are my outfits

Day 1: Wearing Asos dress and Michael Kors bag

Day 2: Wearing Asos dress, Cameo Rose kimono and Jipo Leather bag

I have an amazing time at the event and I can’t wait to go to another Bloggers Love event soon! If you’ve written a post about Bloggers Love Fashion Week, then let me know in the comment below. I would love to read about your experience! 🙂