Would you buy your followers? Yes, it’s a thing!

I’m usually quite good with keeping my strong opinions off my blog, but I’ve been thinking about this topic for ages to the point it’s making me slightly “unhappy”. So what happens when I feel strongly about something? I write it down. Most of it doesn’t get shared on here, but I think what I’ll be saying in the next few paragraphs is linked with blogging and social media. I know that I’ll get a lot of hates for posting this, but some things need to be said! 
In the world of social media, numbers are very important! Have you ever been turned down by a company because you don’t have enough daily page views? Have you ever been offered a blogging opportunity simply because you have x amount of followers? I have! For me quality means more than quantity, but I can’t help myself from checking out my own stats more than once a day (ok, more than 5 times)! Not to mention, I get a little upset when someone unfollows… I mean who says “yippy” when the numbers go down!
“How tempting is it to get as many followers as Zoella in just a few clicks?”
There are loads of methods out there for manipulating with these “numbers” and if you’ve been in the Blogosphere for a while, then you probably know the basic tips and tricks. I won’t be name dropping here, but do you remember the bloggers who got famous because they had 5 big giveaways going on at once? Do you remember the girl who followed “everyone” on Bloglovin and got 1000 followers in a week? Do you remember the days when “follow for a follow” was a huge thing?
I’d say that these are shortcuts to getting your blog out there, but it’s not the cleanest way of doing it and thankfully most people avoid that path. However, there’s currently a trend going on at the moment and a lot of new bloggers are heading down the “dirty path.” I’ve noticed that a lot of bloggers buy their twitter followers these days, mainly new bloggers. Yes, it’s frowned upon, but a lot of people still do it. How tempting is it to get as many followers as Zoella in just a few clicks? 
“Even Barack Obama has over 80% inactive followers!”
I had a discussion of this topic with bloggers through Blogging Owls on twitter and most of you agree that buying followers is cheating and the ones who support it are too afraid to put themselves forward. Big brands do it, small brands do it, celebrity do it, bloggers do it and people fall for it! Even Barack Obama has over 80% inactive followers!
Buying followers is like self-image, first impressions and number obsession gone too far! A lot of followers is definitely a “fast-track” to getting noticed by brands and bloggers alike, but do we really want to go there? Especially for beauty bloggers, do we want to hear someone’s tips and reviews when their social media numbers are full of lies? 
Beefing up the numbers isn’t the end of the world as a larger number means better opportunities in the blogosphere (sad, but true). Sometimes it’s ok to boost up the numbers, but because we are bloggers and our opinion matters, we really need to ask ourselves a few questions and think twice about the results before reaching for our wallets. That being said, I’m here to build up my social media the conventional way, through interesting content and interactions, which money can’t buy! 🙂 
“Do we want to hear someone’s tips and reviews when their social media numbers are full of lies?” 
This post is in no way targeted at any specific users. It’s mainly to raise awareness of a problem that surrounds blogging and social media.