Zombie Evacuation Race with Joe Bloggers and Currys

What kind of person is crazy enough to wake up at 7am on a Saturday morning and travel for one and a half hours to get chased by Zombies? Well ME and luckily enough, I’m not mental because there are thousands of people like me! 
Last Saturday (1st Nov) I took part in the Zombie Evacuation run at Allianz Park as a part of the Joe Bloggers team. Our team of mainly female bloggers was sponsored by Currys, so if you’re curious about what we got up to, then you can take a look at the #CurrysZombieRun hashtag.

Zombie Evacuation Race with Joe Bloggers and Currys Review
Who said zombies? I thought we were tigers….. oh dear, I’m so embarrassing some times, I mean all the time!
Photo credit: Bloggers Take on Zombies Using Smart Tech
So what’s the point of a Zombie Run? First of all, I suppose it took place on the day after Halloween, so the “Halloween spirit” was still there. The point of the race was to finish a 5k obstacle course whilst running for your lives. Some people love the idea, some hate it, some do it for charity and some just want the experience. I neither love it or hate it, but I do want to tell people that I’ve done something as crazy as the Zombie Evacuation Race! It’s not only a physical challenge, but it also puts my mentality to test.
Other than sending us on a scary race, Currys also gave us some cool wearable technology! I got a Fitbit Flex wrist band because it’s the only one compatible with a Windows phone. Win win for Fitbit! Our first challenge was of course, getting these to sync with our phones! I managed to get mine working as it counted that I took 7000 steps during the run and went 5km in that amount of steps. 😛

Zombie Evacuation Race with Joe Bloggers and Currys - Fitbit Review
My Fitbit Flex and the data it recorded on “Zombie Evacuation” day.
I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to tell you about the race, but I’ll tell you the basics and my experience. Like most challenges, there’s a story line behind it! Basically, a zombie epidemic has hit London and the “runners” had to escape to the “safe zone!” By taking part in the race, I had to forget all the basics about running a 5k, such as keep a steady pace, don’t stop and start slow! No, if you want to take part in the race, practice your sprints as well as stamina!
We were each given three Velcro tags and in order to survive, we need at least one tag remaining at the end of the race. Thankfully the Zombies don’t run, other than at the very end where I literally got tackled, but most of them stick to their assigned “camps.” There were some scary bits like a tunnel, black room and “warehouse” which I hated, but there were also some “friendly” looking fields without zombies where I could take a rest after loads of sprinting. 
Other than running and sprinting, I also managed to do some fence climbing and hurdling, which I didn’t even know I was capable of. 😛 I ended up with 30+ scars and scratches on my legs (which I didn’t even notice until I finished) because we had to run through a paths with nettles and thorns and because I’m crazy, fearless or simply clumsy.

Nonetheless, I had loads of fun taking part in this race and I met a few health and fitness bloggers at the event, which was really cool. I can’t believe that I survived! Have you done something like this or are you smart enough not to? 😛

Here are some photos from Zombie Evacuation’s facebook page to keep you “happy!”
Zombie Evacuation Race with Joe Bloggers and Currys review

Zombie Evacuation Race with Joe Bloggers and Currys review
Zombie Evacuation Race with Joe Bloggers and Currys review