Organic Homme Range Review – BF Takeover

Note from Olivia: Green People has challenged me to “let the man of my life take over my blog for one day” for Movember! I accepted the challenge, so I’ve given my blog to my boyfriend, Matt for a review! Here’s what he says:

Finally November is drawing to a close and so it’s time to shave my, frankly, pathetic attempt at a Movember moustache. But as they say when you lose one thing you gain another and this month I was signed up for Green People’s Movember campaign and gained an awesome box of male grooming products from Green People’s Organic Homme range.
The products came in a really stylish looking box, the first product I found was their organic Itch Away Shampoo*, the second was their Cool Down Moisturiser* and also in the box was a beautiful looking shaving brush (which I was disproportionately excited about as I have always wanted one) and a stylish razor with a Gillette blade.

Organic Homme is a range of organic male products by Green People which encompasses shaving products as well as shampoos, moisturisers, exfoliating face scrubs as well as deodorants. All of these products contain a whole host of organic ingredients aiming to soothe your skin and scalp without the need for large numbers of artifical additives. They all come in very attractive packaging and would make great gifts for Christmas if anyone is a bit lost on what to buy their boyfriend/brother.

Now I do suffer from an itchy and annoyingly flaky scalp so I was excited to try this new Itch Away Shampoo* designed for itchy and flaky scalps to see how much it would help. My first impressions on seeing the shampoo and the packaging was that it was quite a small tube in comparison to shampoos I have had i the past. However, the shampoo is very runny and lathers up beautifully and this means you only need a small amount for the little amount of hair men tend to have. The smell of the shampoo is pretty hard to describe, it smells like you would imagine a mixture of organic products would smell I guess – its kind of a woody/earthy smell. Now down to the crux of the matter, the shampoo did do a great job of helping stop my itching scalp and it a fair job at stopping my dandruff as well and that makes it great in my book and I would recommend it to people I know if the smell was a bit more neutral or sweet smelling (although I should add the smell doesn’t linger on your hair at all).
The second product I tried out during November was the Cool Down Moisturiser*. This product smells slightly of menthol/mint with an organic twist to it which I really like. The product itself is quite runny and the first few times I used it, way too much came out without me even squeezing the tube. This is only a bad thing because you only need a tiny tiny amount to cover your face. The moisturiser spreads really nicely and assuming you don’t put too much on, it absorbs in very quickly too, then following on from that you get a nice cooling sensation on you face (hence the name of the product I guess). Whilst the cooling idea is a bit of personal preference I really like it and it’s really nice after you shave, plus it will be great in the summer when it’s hot. I would definitely reccomend this product and again ladies, a great subtle Christmas present for someone with dry skin.
So I guess as a summary, both these products are great, they do exactly what they say on the “tin” and they do it well without all of the artificial additives. Not only this but as you need such small amounts with each use they are going to last me a very long time (especially the moisturiser). The smells of the products is the only thing I would raise as something to be checked if you are going to buy their products as a gift for someone. But overall I loved them and I will definitely continue to use them for as long as I can!
Hope you enjoyed the review, Matt 🙂
*Disclaimer: This post contains products sent for review, but the words are 100% Matt’s own.