Sass & Belle Clapham Common Store Launch Party

Hi guys! I can’t believe that it’s December already! Time is going too fast. Anyways, I’m going to try and blog every day up until Christmas because I have signed up to too many blogging projects, which I need to complete before the end of this year! Let’s see how it goes. 😉 I thought I’d start with something Christmassy, so here we go…. 
Last night I was invited to Sass & Belle’s Clapham Common store launch party to have a look at their newest store before it opens to the public. I was really excited because I’m a big fan of Sass & Belle! The event itself was basically like a big “office party” as there was a huge mix of people working for Sass & Belle there including shop managers, designers, photographers and the two stars themselves “Sass and Belle” whom the brand is named after. I had a great time chatting to everyone and munching on some yummy food. 

If you live around the area, then should definitely take a look at the shop! With a bright blue coloured exterior among some grey looking buildings, it’s not hard to miss! I was so busy taking photos of the cute products (there’s just too much to take in!) I noticed when I got home that I actually forgot to take photos of the actually shop.

Nonetheless, I can promise you that the shop looks bright and beautiful with a classic and fun theme. 
The first thing you see when entering the shop is a massive section of Christmas decoration in the middle and at the very back of the shop you can find a little section for travellers and party lovers. In addition, there’s also areas/shelves dedicated to vintage designs, awesome storage ideas, home decors, stationary and so on. 

It’s really a room full of treasures! You can walk around the shop 10 times and I promise you that every single time, you’ll see something new! I’ve shared some of my favourite bits and pieces in this post, but I do hope you get a chance to visit them soon and have a look around the shop yourself! 🙂 Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll leave you with some more pictures!