Makeup Challenge: 60s Twiggy Inspired Look

enter site The 60s makeup look would look perfect on a girl with big gorgeous eyes, defined cheek bones and big puffy hair. That girl isn’t me, but I was up for the challenge! Yardley London really put me to the test when they gave me the task of transforming myself, who just happen to have tiny eyes, rounded cheeks and very thin hair, into a 60s fashion icon! Nonetheless, I was interested to see if my amateur makeup skills will turn an average girl into a 60s star! Before creating this look, I did some research on the 60s makeup trends,… View Post

Olympia Beauty Haul

go here I have been out hauling for treasures at Olympia Beauty! Well, I have been rather good lately and managed to hold back on my need for purchasing beauty products. However, I went to Olympia Beauty last month and it was really difficult to retain the money in my pocket. It had to go! Voila! Here’s what I got from Olympia Beauty both from personal purchase and from my press goody bag.  Note that I only bought these a few days ago, so I haven’t had chance to test everything out yet. This is simply a first impressions post and not…

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