A Diary Entry to Premae Skincare Event

I was delighted when I received an invite to the Premae Skincare event as a part of the Hertfordshire bloggers group. Many of you might be wondering what relation I have to Hertfordshire as I currently live in central London. Back in August, I went to a Hertfordshire Blogger’s Lunch and that’s where Premae Skincare got the mailing list.

A Diary Entry to Premae Skincare Event
The event took place on Wednesday 30. October 2013 and I missed out a Halloween party for that (but it’s ok because I had a project meeting the next day). It did take me ages to get there especially during rush hour! The tube got stuck way too many times, which was one of the reasons that I showed up late. The second reason was that I got totally confused by where Victoria Square wass because it didn’t show up on Google maps! Luckily I met Hannah (Lippy in London) outside the building, which basically meant that I wasn’t the only one getting lost in Hertfordshire. After a minute or two of getting totally confused on how to get inside the building, Pariss (who works for Premae) came and rescued us from the cold. At 7pm, we were the last ones to arrive.

By then, the demonstration, where Clare showed a skincare routine on Iskra using Premae products,
had already started. Clare, founder of Premae Skincare, was very
professional and knew exactly what she was doing. The demonstration was coupled
with lots of skincare talks especially on the use of natural ingredients,
allergen free products and different skin types. Whilst the demonstration was
going on, we got to pass around and try the potions that were used on Iskra.
The Harmony Creme Balm feels amazing because it’s got the
right consistency and smells very refreshing (lemongrass). We also got to make
our own “BB cream” by blending Harmony Multi-vit Serum with
the foundation we were told to bring.

A Diary Entry to Premae Skincare Event
A Diary Entry to Premae Skincare Event

A Diary Entry to Premae Skincare Event
A Diary Entry to Premae Skincare Event
A Diary Entry to Premae Skincare Event

The demonstration was followed by some relaxed chats among us beauty bloggers and with the Premae Skincare team. The topics ranged from how the word “Premae”- premium formulae came from to what  we look for in skincare products. We also got the chance to sample (not take home, oh I wish) the entire Premae Skincare ranging whilst indulging in cupcakes. 

It was a good educational experience as this is the first brand event I’ve been invited to. I enjoyed it a lot and I got to meet some amazing people as well as discovering some great products! We also received a goody bag with some Premae samples to take home too. 🙂

A Diary Entry to Premae Skincare Event
List of lovely bloggers/non-bloggers who attended the event:
Hannah @ Lippy in London
Hannah @ Beginners Beauty
Shona @ Fresh Beauty
Rachel @ Rachel Duffy 
Premae Skincare is officially world renowned for being the 1st luxury beauty brand to: 1) be Allergy UK Awarded, 2) be completely ‘freefrom’, creating a new niche of skincare free from Treenuts, Soy, Wheat and Oats and all parabens, petrochemicals and SLS.