Winter Warmers and Skin Saviours Wishlist

Is it just me or did it suddenly get really really cold when November came around the corner? I thought it would be rather appropriate to share my winter wishlist now, so I can be prepared for the official winter! You have to prepare for a war before you fight it, am I right?
Winter Warmers and Skin Saviours Wishlist*
Winter Warmers and Skin Saviours Wishlist 1.Oasis Parka (£88) 2. Equestrian Clearance Boots (£136) 3. People Tree Hat (£22) 4. People Tree Scarf (£30) 5. People Tree Mittens (£24) 6. Eden Organic Care Rosehip Oil (£16) 7. Origins GinZing Moisturiser (£23) 8. Orli Massage Candle (£10)
Oasis Ellie Faux Fur Lined Parka: I’ve
always wanted a parka and this one looks particularly nice and warm. You can’t
see it in the image above, but it has a nice layer of detachable furry lining on the
inside! Indeed very suitable for the colder months!
Equestrian Clearance Dublin Eskimo River Fleece Boots: I absolutely adore these! Is it just me or does everyone else get
cold feet when it’s freezing outside? These boots are made of leather and are waterproof,
which helps to keep your feet warm. Besides, the fleece lining makes them look
extra warm and comfortable.
People Tree Polar Bear Hat, Scarf and Gloves:
What’s a winter warmers wishlist without the essential accessories? I saw this
set of polar bear hat, scarf and mittens and immediately fell in love! They’re
absolutely adorable! However, I find them rather expensive; hence they’re here
on my wishlist!
Eden Organic
Care Rosehip Oil
: I have combination skin, but it’s turned a little dry and inflamed due to
the harsh weather. I already own an Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil which works
well on my hair, but I think pure Rosehip Oil will save my skin from feeling so
Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser: I’ve
been wanting this moisturiser since its launch in September, but never got around to
buying one due to the excessive amount of moisturisers I already own. However,
if someone kindly gave one to me I would happily take it. 😛 I think it would help to
boost my skin condition as my face looks very tired and dull at the moment.
Orli Massage Candle in Frangipani: Skin care isn’t all about the face, naturally my wishlist will include some body products too. Ever heard of a massage candle? Really cool concept isn’t it? You’ve got the candle to keep you warm and relaxed, and the melted oil to keep your skin well moisturised.
What’s on your winter warmers and skin saviours list/wishlist? Hope you’ll share them with me in the comments below or on facebook or twitter. 🙂 
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