Monopoly Night with Joe Bloggers

LastTuesday I was lucky enough to attend another blogger event. This time it was held by Joe Blogs Network for Legal & General. The purpose was to promote property development in a creative way. Yes, I can assure you that property development and lifestyle blogging have nothing in common, but with a game of monopoly, the two somehow become a little more related. This is probably one of the cleverest ideas someone has come up with! 

The event went down really well and it was an evening filled with fun, prosecco and pizza with a room filled with competitive bloggers! I sat on a table with CharlotteEmmaMillyLeanne and Sorcha. The game started off slow, but after 2 hours of intensive dice rolling and bargaining, some of us managed to build houses and hotels.
When it was time to announce the winner, it was unsurprising to see Leanne winning the entire game across all tables with her massive stack of cash and numerous of hotels that everyone keeps landing on! 😛

I really enjoyed playing monopoly with some blogger buddies, but I wish I had a chance to talk to more of them in addition to the girls I got to know at my table.