Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash Review

Balance Me is definitely becoming one of the most talked about brands on my blog:聽June BeautecoBox (Love Me Beauty), Starting Off: Skincare,聽Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream聽and for a Collage. I just love that all their products are natural without a crazy amount of perfume. It’s all about the natural smell of plants. 馃槈

If you didn’t know that some聽Balance Me聽products came as freebies in Glamour August聽issue, then you’ve missed out on a great deal! I went for the face cleanser because that’s what I needed the most at that time and I sit here now regretting that I didn’t get 10 of them. No surprise, but I was lucky enough to even find one Glamour magazine because they disappeared within minutes after release. This only shows how popular Balance Me really is!

Balance Me Pure Skin Face WashBalance Me Pure Skin Face Wash ReviewBalance Me Pure Skin Face Wash Ingrdients

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash -TextureBalance Me Pure Skin Face Wash ReviewBalance Me Pure Skin Face Wash (拢11/50ml)

Product Description:

“A gentle yet effective non-drying sulphate and petroleum free face wash to cleanse skin of make-up and daily grime. Formulated with anti-oxidant rich moringa and rice bran oils to brighten and polish the skin and leave it smooth and gently cleansed. Ideally suited for normal to combination skins.”

My View:

(Smell): the smell is very distinct compared to some of the other natural products I’ve tried. It’s very soothing but at the same time it’s got this sharp citrus awakening smell of frankincense (I think), because it did smell a little bit like the Ren Skincare products I reviewed a while ago. On the聽fragrance wheel, it falls under aromatics with a bit of citrus on the left and a bit of dry woods on the right.

(Texture): the texture is rather light and gentle once applied on a damp face. As you can see from the image above, the texture is like a creamy gel, haha (apologies for the ugly hand, it was really dry that week!!!). I’ve tried massaging it into my skin without wetting it first and trust me,聽 it doesn’t work! I ended up with lots of soapy lumps on my face. Well, you get my point. I also tried it with my Clarisonic and I don’t think that they are compatible.

(Result): I’m really impressed by how long this small bottle lasted. I’ve left it on the side so I can review it before it ends up in my empties pile. So as expected, it’s one of the most gentle cleansers I’ve tried and it didn’t sting my eyes at all! Well, I do slap on a lot of skincare products my face so it’s difficult to tell the exact benefits it’s done to my skin.聽 However, I do find that it helps to remove my makeup residue very well and it always leaves my face well moisturised. Yes, it even removesBenefit They’re Real mascara!

I am definitely recommending this to those with sensitive skin wanting a natural all in one moisturising face wash and makeup remover.

Background: at fishing village! Thus my poor dry hands! A terrace wooden table with Balance Me Face Wash and some wild flowers placed in the umbrella stand, pretty obvious 馃槢




    • October 13, 2013 / 6:00 pm

      Balance Me products are really good for sensitive skin without any harsh ingredients x

    • October 13, 2013 / 8:29 pm

      I didn't get the facial cream because it was for super dry skin. Yeah, I think some natural and organic products can smell very dodgy. x

    • October 13, 2013 / 8:35 pm

      I know it's really that perfect! Wish I bought more magazines!! x

  1. October 14, 2013 / 1:21 am

    That looks so awesome, you made me wanna buy it 馃槈 great review! following you on bloglovin, I'd appreciate if you followed back! I love your blog, would you mind checking out mine?

    Katie xoxo

    • October 15, 2013 / 11:47 am

      That's great! Thanks! Definitely checked out your blog before, but will do it again 馃槈 x

  2. October 15, 2013 / 12:24 pm

    I have this somewhere too, mine is currently unopened as I want to save it if I go away anywhere, I love the handy little size 馃檪
    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. October 19, 2013 / 9:58 am

    I really wanted to try this! Lovely review xo