All I Want for Christmas is Flawless Skin and a Perfect Smile


If you could have perfect skin with a price would you do it? Now, I don’t spend that much money on myself, but the thought of having flawless skin and a perfect smile does make my heart pump faster from pure excitement. So on my wish list this year is flawless skin and a perfect smile… and maybe a bit of body sculpting as well, but that’s an entirely different story. 

Now I wish that Santa was nice enough to transform me from an average girl to a beauty queen overnight, but we all know that things like that takes time, so the least I can do is wait for the magic to happen! But wait, it needs a trigger first… maybe someone can send me in for a skin or/and teeth consultation? 馃槢 
I don’t think any of you’ve commented on this, but I do have crooked bunny teeth that makes me really conscious about smiling freely in photos. Therefore, it’ll mean the world to me to have perfectly straight teeth because it’ll give me more confidence to smile! I’ve been looking into braces and the one that intrigues me the most is Invisalign
Unlike ordinary braces, Invisalign is not visible (as the name suggests). It’s definitely the best method for adult patients who are very social or constantly meeting people in their daily job. However, the treatment price starts from 拢1,200 and goes up to 拢4,000 (cray cray)!!!! The treatment time is just under a year, but the fact that you get a personalised regime and regular check ups make the time and cost worthwhile. 
When it comes to non-surgically skin treatments, the most common ones are acne treatment and anti-ageing treatment, but I’ve been looking into a treatment called CO2RE at my local Sk:n Clinic. CO2RE effectively targets both superficial and deeper layers of your skin for a smoother, more even complexion using laser energy, which stimulates collagen formulation. 
CO2RE is meant to resurface the skin by improving the appearance of pores and acne scarring, which are two major skin conditions I鈥檝e been constantly battling with. One treatment at the cost of 拢547 is enough to make a huge difference and it usually takes up to 3 months to see the full effect! 
The CO2RE treatment, which is pretty unique to Sk:n Clinic, and Invisalign braces are rather tempting, but they’re a little too expensive for me at the moment, but I’d definitely revisit the ideas when money starts rolling in, unless Santa brings me a little gift. 馃槈

*Disclaimer: this is a collaboration post, but I’ve done my own research and the blog post is written in my own words.