Afternoon Tea at Number Twelve Restaurant & Bar

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After reading a lot of helpful reviews on Tripadvisor for my Iceland trip, I decided that it's about time that I opened up my own Tripadvisor account to help others when it comes to making 聽the best travel choices. I recently had afternoon tea at Number Twelve Restaurant (based inside the Ambassador Bloomsbury Hotel) and thought I'd share my thoughts on my blog as well as on Tripadvisor. After all, I said I was hoping to more travel related stuff this year.

The review here is exactly the same as what I've written on Tripadvisor, but I had a bit of fun and decided to go a little more creative with the layout. Hope you like it and find it informative. 馃檪聽

Afternoon Tea at Number Twelve Restaurant & Bar - Ambassador Bloomsbury Hotel
Afternoon Tea at Number Twelve Restaurant & Bar - Ambassador Bloomsbury Hotel

Tea Selection

The Menu

Hot Drinks

Two servings of tea, coffee or hot chocolate

Sandwich fingers

Cucumber & cream cheese, Salmon & cream cheese, Egg & cress, Roast beef & mustard


Macaron, Crispy roll with Nutella, Fruit tartlet, Piece of lemon curd cake


Two scones with clotted cream, strawberry jam and raspberry jam

Food Selection

The Review

We received an Activity Superstore experience voucher as a gift a while ago and booked an afternoon tea experience at Number Twelve Restaurant shortly after. It was really difficult to book a weekend slot and I think the first available weekend was in April. Nevertheless, we chose to do it on a Wednesday which was a lot quieter!

Because the restaurant was rather empty, we were served quickly and the waiters were very friendly. The restaurant was also clean and relatively modern. However, the atmosphere felt more business-like than romantic or family-friendly.

Although it was nicely presented, I wasn鈥檛 too keen on the selection. The sandwiches were a bit boring and some of the pastries felt a bit dry, like they鈥檝e been sitting there since the morning (which they probably had). However, I did like the lemon cake, macaron, roast beef and salmon sandwich. The scones tasted nice, but we got a dodgy batch and they were very different in size, density and texture. Nevertheless, the Peach Lemon Star tea and Jasmine Green tea were delicious.
The overall experience was enjoyable, but they could definitely improve the quality of the afternoon tea food selection seeing that it's normally worth 拢25 per person - which means 拢50 for the whole lot.