Beefayre Winter Berries Scented Tea Lights Review

It’s hard not to fall in love with Beefayre when the packaging looks this pretty and the product smells this good! I wrote about Beefayre Bee Happy Hand & Body Cream this time last month and I couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous the packaging looked! You can read more about Beefayre either in one of my previous blog posts (link here) or on Beefayre’s website. What you can expect from today’s post is the wonderful goodies from Beefayre Christmas range. 

The Beefayre A/W 2014 Christmas Range consists of these scents: Clementine & Clove, Frankincense & Myrrh, Winter Berries and Winter Scent. The candle I’m reviewing in this post is from the Winter Berries collection, which is presented in an auburn coloured packaging with “berry-like” illustrations – obviously. 
As for the smell, Beefayre never disappoints. The scent of Winter Berries is very mild and soothing, yet it is filled with a rich blend of flavours; sweet berries, spicy cinnamon and aromatic Christmas herbs! The berry scent makes the room smell nice and soothing, but the spicy note also brightens up the atmosphere. The scent released whilst burning isn’t as strong as for instance, Yankee Candles, but there is definitely enough scent to fill a small room. 🙂
The Scented Tea Lights pack I got here contains three tea lights and the burning time should be around 8 hours each. In addition to tea lights, you can also get a large candle, medium votive or a diffuser in the above mentioned scents from Beefayre’s website.
I simply love Beefayre due to the packaging design, the scents they come up with and their love of bees. I think the Winter Berries candles are perfect for those who prefers a milder, but unique Christmas scent!
Behind the scene photography:
One bad thing about not being a smoker is that I didn’t have a lighter to lit up these gorgeous candles outdoors, gutted! The above pictures would’ve looked so good if the candles were lit! No worries though, Beefayre have plenty of nice candle photos on their website! 😉 

*Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples, but the words are 100% my own.