Building a Luxury Capsule Wardrobe: Accessories Edit

citas por internet sos pereira   I’ve been obsessing over luxury items lately and I’ve stopped shopping at high street stores so I can start saving up for a luxury capsule wardrobe! When it comes to building a luxury capsule wardrobe, it’s important to start with the accessories as every designer brand has a recognisable signature feature that’s often more noticeable on accessories than on clothes. For instance, the Michael Kors tag, the Burberry tartan pattern and the Louboutin red soles are all trademarked and unique to the brand. I’ve always believed that it’s more important to invest in key accessory items because I change my clothes on… View Post

Knomo Wigmore Laptop Briefcase in Black Cherry Reviewöpa The brand Knomo was first introduced to me at a Bloggers Love event exactly two months ago, I believe. Since then I got to know the brand quite well and now I own three items from Knomo: two bags and an iPad cover*! I bought the two bags at a Knomo sample sale a few weeks ago. Their bags are rather pricey, but the majority of their products were discounted by 70% at the sample sale. I wouldn’t say that I bagged myself an amazing bargain because the bags I bought were a little dusty and I had some trouble…

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