Latest in Beauty Build Your Own Box Review

One of my favourite things about beauty boxes is that you get to test out new products for a fraction of the retail price of the individual products! The monthly subscription boxes are always quite fun because of the surprise factor, but I’m the person who prefers knowing what’s in the boxes as I don’t want to pay for items I dislike and will never use. Hence, the Latest in Beauty Build Your Own Box is the perfect box for me! With the Build Your Own Box option, not only do you have an impressive range of items to select from,… View Post

Building a Luxury Capsule Wardrobe: Accessories Edit

  I’ve been obsessing over luxury items lately and I’ve stopped shopping at high street stores so I can start saving up for a luxury capsule wardrobe! When it comes to building a luxury capsule wardrobe, it’s important to start with the accessories as every designer brand has a recognisable signature feature that’s often more noticeable on accessories than on clothes. For instance, the Michael Kors tag, the Burberry tartan pattern and the Louboutin red soles are all trademarked and unique to the brand. I’ve always believed that it’s more important to invest in key accessory items because I change my clothes on… View Post

Three Outfits with Black Skinny Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be very challenging as they’ve got to have the right fit, right cut, feel comfy and look good on! Believe it or not, trying on multiple pairs of jeans (hoping that the one in your hand is the perfect one) is too much hassle and 31%* of people agree with me! Nevertheless, I love my black skinny jeans and would go the extra mile to find the perfect fit. I’m also part of the 21%* of people who buy multiple pairs of the same skinny jeans, often in multiple colours, when I do find the… View Post

New Fitness Classes to Try in London

With a busy schedule and lots of things to work on, exercise is the last thing on my mind. But as the weather is getting hotter, it’s about time that I brushed up on this topic and started working towards a bikini body! I must admit that I’ve been skipping the gym quite a lot lately, but I try to go at least once a week and my favourite thing to do at the gym is the fitness classes! During the past few weeks I’ve tested a couple of new fitness classes in London, which brings a lot of joy… View Post

M&CO AW16 Press Day Event

With a 9 to 6 (sometimes 7) job on the line and 2 hours of travel time each day, I rarely find myself chilling by the bar and discussing the latest fashion trends these days. However, when the opportunity does pop up, I get super excited and I’m usually the first one out of the office door! One event that got me excited this month was the M&CO AW16 press day, which took place in Central London. I really appreciated the fact that the show room opened until 7pm this year so it gave bloggers who also have full time… View Post